Kingdom Total WorthEdit

The Total Worth of your kingdom is the sum total of your kingdom's Stock Worth and Construction Worth, and is displayed on the Kingdom page. The Total Worth of your kingdom influences the following:

  • Gnomads - The higher the Total Worth, the more Gnomads will arrive each season. Note that as your population increases, the Total Worth needed to attract additional Gnomads will increase as well.
  • Invaders - The higher the Total Worth, the more attractive your kingdom becomes for invaders.
  • Merchants - The higher the Total Worth, the more likely that your kingdom attracts high-tier merchants.

Stock WorthEdit

Stock Worth is the total worth of all items in your stock. Hence, this can be increased by farming and foraging (which produces food/fibers and seeds), ranching (which produces eggs/milk/wool), mining ore and gems(which have a worth greater than 0 even in raw form), and by crafting/processing in the workshops. This value will also decrease, as your gnomes eat and drink your provisions. Mining normal stone and soil will not increase this value, as these materials have a worth of 0 in their raw form.

Construction WorthEdit

Construction Worth is the total worth of all your constructions. This includes placed furniture, mechanisms, workshops and constructed terrain (all terrain constructed from stone blocks, but not from raw stone/soil).

Note that the worth of placed furniture is higher than the same furniture stored as items in your stock. Placed furniture becomes several times more valuable, as per the table below:

Increased worth of placed furniture
Type of Furniture Worth Increase Factor
Statue X 10
Chair X 3
Table X 3
Bed X 3
Door X 3
Torch X 1

WARNING! The worth of statues does not increase by placing items in 0.8.55.

Room WorthEdit

Some designated rooms have a calculated worth. The worth of such a room is the sum of the following:

  • The total worth of all walls directly adjacent to the designated area, including "corner" walls.
  • The total worth of all floors which are part of the designated area.
  • The total worth of all furniture placed inside the designated area.

Great HallEdit

The room value of the Great Hall of your kingdom (if you have designated one) counts double in the calculations for the impact of Total Worth on Gnomads, Invaders and Merchants.

Personal QuartersEdit

Resting in a Personal Quarters room will be more effective, the higher the room value is.