Overview Edit

The Woodcarver turns planks into decorative furniture and trade goods.

Strategy Edit

The Woodcarver should be placed near the Sawmill (or Crude Workshop) for easy access to planks.

List of products Edit

Statue Edit

Requires: 4× plank

Also crafted at: Stonecarver and Metalworker

Used for: Furniture

Statues have a construction worth that is significantly higher than their stock worth (about 10 times higher). They block movement once placed as furniture, so care must be taken in placing them.

Statues cannot be stored in any container

Statuette Edit

Requires: 1× plank

Used for: Trade Good

Also crafted at: Stonecarver, Bonecarver, Kiln and Metalworker

Statuettes are stored in crates

Puzzle Box Edit

Requires: 1× plank