This menu is accessed by right-clicking and can be frustrating at times. This guide is intended to replicate the ingame menu as accurately as possible, explaining the function of each selection, and including links to appropriate pages.

NOTE: This menu has multiple branches, all of which will vanish the instant your cursor comes off them. It's worth it to take an extra second to make sure you don't lose the window as you navigate through it since that will force you to restart from your first selection (Terrain, Agriculture, Build, etc.) from the top menu.

Check out the Construction Strategies page for a more general overview of the system.

Gnomoria Command Menu
Top Level 2nd Level 3rd Level 4th Level Description
Terrain Mine Wall Clears wall, leaves upper floor
Stairs Up Carves stairs going up on a wall tile, use R to rotate direction.
Ramp Up Carves ramps going up on a wall tile, use R to rotate direction.
Dig Hole Digs hole into ground clearing floor tile and wall tile below. Be careful not to trap your miners; dig in strips.
Stairs Down Digs stairs going down, use R to rotate direction.
Ramp Down Digs a ramp sloping down, use R to rotate direction.
Remove Floor Removes the floor, leaves the wall beneath it.
Remove Ramp Removes a ramp.
Replace Wall Replaces the wall with another material.
Replace Floor Replaces the floor with another material.
Fill Hole Builds a wall from above.
Agriculture Farm Designates an area to be farmed so your Gnomes can grow either Wheat, Strawberries, Grapes, or Cotton.
Underground Farm Designates an area as an Underground farm, allowing the growing of Mushrooms.
Pasture Designates an area that allows animals to graze in so they don't wander off. Can hold Yaks, Emus, or Alpacas.
Grove Designates an area containing Trees or Fruit Trees as a Grove, allowing their management.
Plant Trees Designates an area to plant Trees using tree clippings.
Fell Trees Designates an area so your Woodcutters can chop down Trees.
Cut Clipping Removes clippings from selected Trees.
Forage Harvest resources from Fruit Trees, Wild Berries, or Wild Cotton.
Build Workshop Crude Workbench Cuts logs into planks.
Wood Sawmill Used for chopping logs into planks.
Carpenter Used for fashioning Planks, Cotton, and Coal into important pieces of furniture.
Woodcarver Used for creating trinkets and statues out of wood.
Stone Stonecutter Used for cutting raw stone into blocks.
Stonemason Used for fashioning blocks into important pieces of furniture.
Stonecarver Used for creating trinkets, statues, and even a pet rock, out of stone.
Cloth Loom Used to spin cotton into bolts of cloth.
Tailor Used to wave bolts of cloth into bags, bandages and certain armor components.
Food/Drink Butcher Shop Used to butcher animals into meat, leather, skulls, and bones.
Kitchen Used to cook food from wheat, meat, mushrooms, eggs and milk.
Distillery Used to brew wine from fruit and beer from wheat.
Well Used to create a well on top of a water source.
Gem Gemcutter Used to cut raw gems.
Jeweler Used to make jewelry out of metal and gems.
Metal Furnace Used to make coal from logs.
Forge Used to smelt bars of metal from raw ore and coal.
Blacksmith Used to create pickaxes and felling axes from metal.
Metalworker Used to create statues, statuettes, and coins from metal.
Weaponsmith Used to create weapons out of metal.
Armorer Used to create armor out of metal.
Mechanism Tinker Bench Used by your Gnomes to research new mechanisms and parts.
Machine Shop Used to craft machine parts from metal bars.
Engineer Shop Used to assemble mechanisms, ranged weapons, and traps.
Military Training Grounds Used to train combat skills of a military squad.
Misc Kiln Used to create brick blocks and statuettes from clay and coal.
Leatherworker Used to create leather armor out of animal hides.
Market Stall Used to trade with Merchants.
Bonecarver Used to create bone needles, statuettes, skull helmets and bone shirts out of bones and skulls.
Prospector Shop Used to extract metal slivers from clumps or stone.
Mechanism Linkage Axle Connects mechanisms in a straight line.
Vertical Axle Connects mechanisms in a straight line.
Gear Box Connects mechanisms at different angles.
Switch Lever Manually toggles connections.
Pressure Plate Toggles connections under pressure.
Device Mechanical Wall Converts to a wall when power is provided.
Hatch Converts to a floor when power is provided.
Pump Allows transfers of liquids.
Power Source Hand Crank Provides power when operated by gnomes.
Windmill Provides power when built on the surface.
Steam Engine Converts Coal into large amounts of power.
Self Powered Trap Spike Trap Needs to be reset after being triggered.
Blade Trap Needs to be reset after being triggered.
Furniture Door
Straw Bed
Four Poster Bed
Wall Torch
Rail Fence
Picket Fence
Trough Built in Pastures and feeds farm animals either seeds or straw.
Skull on a Pole
Alarm Bell When rung by a Gnome with Mechanic job enabled, causes all civilians to gather at the Great Hall. Ring again to deactivate alarm.
Storage Crate Orders the construction and placement of a Crate in the specified Stockpile.
Barrel Orders the construction and placement of a Barrel in the specified Stockpile.
Bag Orders the construction and placement of a Bag in the specified Stockpile.
Terrain Wall Builds a wall at the specified location.
Floor Builds a floor at the specified location.
Stairs Up Builds stairs going upwards with either soil, stones, blocks, planks or metal.
Stairs Down Builds stairs going downwards with either soil, stones, blocks, planks or metal.
Incline Up Builds a thatch incline with straw going upwards.
Incline Down Builds a thatch incline with straw going downwards.
Ramp Up Builds a soil or stone ramp going upwards.
Ramp Down Builds a soil or stone ramp going downwards.
Designate Area Stockpile Used to define areas to store resources. Works best when used close to workshops, farms, dining halls, etc. Build containers to increase capacity.
Farm Used to define areas to grow crops. (Strawberry, Wheat, Cotton, Grapes)
Underground Farm Used to define underground muddy areas to grow Mushrooms.
Pasture Used to define areas to contain, harvest resources from, and breed animals. (Yak, Emu, Alpaca)
Grove Used to define areas to extract resources from trees and fruit trees.
Personal Quarters Private sleeping room for Gnomes; place Furniture and Statues to increase room value, which improves sleep quality and allows them to work for longer before requiring sleep.
Dormitory Public sleeping room for Gnomes, good for temporary sleeping arrangements while private rooms are built.
Dining Room Gnomes will come here to eat their food. Build tables and chairs for increased happiness. One of your Dining Rooms can be selected as your Great Hall. Gnomes will idle here waiting for tasks.
Guard Area Defines where a specified military squad will watch over.
Patrol Route Defines where a specified military squad will patrol; placed as one tile waypoints.
Clean Floor Orders Gnomes to prioritize collection of highlighted items for transport to Stockpiles.
Deconstruct Orders Gnomes to remove constructions such as workshops and player made walls.
Remove Designation Removes designated areas such as rooms and stockpiles.
Cancel Job Cancels orders given in the specified area.