Overview Edit

The Stonecutter turns raw stone into stone blocks.

Strategy Edit

The Stonecutter should be placed near the entrance of your mines, to reduce the distance that raw stones will need to be hauled to your stockpiles. It should also be placed near the Stonemason and Stonecarver, as they both use the blocks produced here.

Tips Edit

Gnomes can carry an entire stack of raw stone in one trip, but will not gather more items once they are already carrying something. To speed up transportation, you can assign a temporary stockpile of raw stone with a higher priority than your main stone stockpile near your current mining operations, and then remove the stockpile designation once it is full. Because it is near where the mining is happening, it will only be a short trip for the stones to get gathered, and then they can be taken to your main stockpile in large stacks rather than one at a time. Be sure to keep plenty of room in your main stockpile, however, as gnomes will only grab a stack if there is an empty space in the stockpile for them to place it.

List of products Edit

Block Edit

Requires: 1× raw stone

Also crafted at: Kiln

Used for: Construction material, Well, Stone Door, Table, Chair, Chisel, Sawblade, Knife Blade, Hearth, Mold, Furnace, Bolt, Musket Round

Blocks vary in color depending on the type of stone used to create them, and anything made from them will share this color. Marble is white, granite is grey, basalt is black, bauxite is dark red, lapis lazuli is blue, sandstone is tan, and serpentine is green. Brick blocks (made at the Kiln) are a medium red.

Blocks have a stock worth of 1, and a construction worth of 5 if placed as floors or walls. Blocks cannot be bought from merchants, but can be sold for 1 trade point each.

Blocks are stored in crates