Ore [1]
Sliver [2]
Bar [3]
Found in Layer -10 to -59
Usage Decorative
Value (bar) 13

Silver is a precious metal found usually in clusters at depths of -10 to -59. Silver ore is difficult to distinguish from platinum, but the latter is found only at depth of -60 and below. It is whiter than tin when seen as the ore.


[Pfsilver.jpg] Silver ore in basalt at a depth of -11.Silver can be crafted into commemorative coins with a trade value of 500. It can also be used to make statues for the Great Hall, and if it is plentiful enough, it makes value-adding inlays for floors worth 10x the worth of a single bar. Currently, jewelry made with gems and a metal have a set trading value of 250 regardless of the metal used. Thus silver or the other precious metals gold and platinum should not be used for gemmed jewelry, as it has a greater value in other roles.

The Weapons_and_Armor#Material military stats of all precious metals is relatively low.

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