Overview Edit

The Sawmill turns logs into planks.

Strategy Edit

The Sawmill should be placed near your groves, to reduce the distance that logs will need to be hauled to your stockpiles. It should also be placed near the Carpenter and Woodcarver, as they both use the planks produced here.

List of products Edit

Plank Edit

Requires: 1× log

Crafted at: Crude Workshop and Sawmill

Used for: Construction, Well, Bed Frame, Four Poster Bed Frame, Wood Door, StickTable, Chair, Crate, Barrel, Workbench, Loom, Bellows, Training Dummy, Crossbow Stock, Blunderbuss Stock, Pistol Stock, Statue, Statuette, Puzzle Box and Windmill Blade.

Planks are a widely-used intermediate crafting material, as well as a building material that can be used to boost room values in the early game. They vary in color depending on the type of log used to create them, and anything made from them will share this color. Pine planks are a medium brown, apple wood planks are a reddish-brown, and birch planks are a very light brown.

Pine planks have a stock worth of 2, and a construction worth of 6 if placed as floors or walls. Apple wood and birch planks have a stock worth of 4, and a construction worth of 12 if placed as floors or walls. Planks cannot be bought from merchants, but pine planks can be sold for 1 trade point each, and apple wood and birch planks can be sold for 2 trade points each.

Planks are stored in a Crate.