Metal exists in two forms: ore and bars. The ores are found and mined in your world. The bars are obtained by using a forge and coal, after which they can be crafted into other items like tools and jewelry. Smelting an item results in a 50% loss of the original number of metal bars required to craft the item.


Most of the unprocessed metals, called ore, are mined by your Gnomes. However, bronze is crafted by combining copper and tin. Every type of ore can be stored in a crate.

Icon Map layers in which it occurs Base worth Trade value Purchase price
Copper Ore [Copper_ore.png] Layers +25 to -49 2 2 20
Tin Ore [Tin_ore.png] Layers -10 to -49 2 2 20
Malachite Ore [Malachite_ore.png] Layers -10 to -59 2 2 20
Iron Ore [Iron_ore.png] Layer -50 and below 8 8 80
Lead Ore [Lead_ore.png] Layers -50 to -84 8 8
Silver Ore [Silver_ore.png] Layers -10 to -59 6 6 60
Gold Ore [Gold_ore.png] Layers -65 to -84 12 12
Platinum Ore [Platinum_ore.png] Layer -60 and below 24 24


Slivers can be obtained using prospecting. Other way to obtain slivers is smelting worn equipment in smelter.

Icon Base Worth Trade Value
Copper Sliver [Copper_sliver.png] 2 2
Tin Sliver [Tin_sliver.png] 2 2
Bronze Sliver [Bronze_sliver.png] 9 9
Malachite Sliver [Malachite_sliver.png] 2 2
Iron Sliver [Iron_sliver.png] 8 8
Steel Sliver [Template:SteelSliver] 36 36
Lead Sliver [Template:LeadSliver]  ?  ?
Silver Sliver [Silver_sliver.png] 6 6
Gold Sliver [Gold_sliver.png]  ? 12
Rose Gold Sliver [Template:RoseGoldSliver]  ?  ?
Platinum Sliver [Platinum_sliver.png]  ? 24


Bars are intermediate crafting components, created from either ore or slivers and coal at a forge, with a wide range of crafting applications. They can also be placed as floors and walls and most, in particular the precious metals silver, gold, and platinum, have exceptionally high worth when doing so. Bars cannot be bought from merchants, but can be sold for trade points. Every type of bar can be stored in a crate.

Icon Required ingredients
Copper Bar [Copper_bar.png] 2x Copper Ore, 1x Coal,

or 10x Copper Slivers, 1x Coal

Tin Bar [Tin_bar.png] 2x Tin Ore, 1x Coal,

or 10x Tin Slivers, 1x Coal

2x Bronze Bar [Bronze_bar.png] 1x Copper Bar, 1x Tin Bar, 1x Coal
Malachite Bar [Malachite_bar.png] 2x Malachite Ore, 1x Coal,

or 10x Malachite Slivers, 1x Coal

Iron Bar [Iron_bar.png] 2x Iron Ore, 1x Coal,

or 10x Iron Slivers, 1x Coal

Steel Bar [Steel_bar.png] 2x Iron Bar, 2x Coal,

or 10x Iron Slivers, 1x Coal

Lead Bar [Lead_bar.png] 2x Lead Ore, 1x Coal,

or 10x Lead Slivers, 1x Coal

Silver Bar [Silver_bar.png] 2x Silver Ore, 1x Coal,

or 10x Silver Slivers, 1x Coal

Gold Bar [Gold_bar.png] 2x Gold Ore, 1x Coal,

or 10x Gold Slivers, 1x Coal

4x Rose Gold Bar [Rose_gold_bar.png] 3x Gold Bar, 1x Copper Bar, 1x Coal
Platinum Bar [Platinum_bar.png] 2x Platinum Ore, 1x Coal,

or 10x Platinum Slivers, 1x Coal

Decorative metals GoldPlatinumRose GoldSilver
Military metals TinMalachiteCopperBronzeLeadIronSteel