This screen is displayed upon starting the game.

Main ScreenEdit

It has four buttons, Load Game, New Game, Options and Exit. Gnomoria menu screen

Load GameEdit

Here you can select your saved games. Clicking on one of the options on the list, you will get some detailed information.

Gnomoria load game

In the details, you can see the name of the kingdom, the days, season and years that elapsed in the game, also the date you last played the kingdom.

New GameEdit

At this screen, you can choose a name for your kingdom, which is ramdomly generated, you can change it, by clicking the Randomize Name button. You can select the size of your kingdom, which can be Tiny, Small, Standard, Large and Huge. The next option is the seed which from the map is generated, it is a random number, that you can edit by yourself. It must be less then ten characters. The last option, is the center of your kingdom.

Gnomoria new game


Here you can set the preferences of the game, like resolution, volume etc.

Gnomoria options