Golems spawn based on the number of unstocked items (dirt or stone) littered around your camp and mines. Golems do not bleed, but can be dismembered. They only have natural attacks and do not pick up or use weapons and do not need to eat or drink. Golems will attack Goblins if they are encountered.

It takes several hundred items to spawn a golem. Golems come in many types from wood to stone to the strongest types of metal.

Requirements for spawning Edit

Golems only spawn near Gnomes (more than 6 and less than 16 tiles away, and 1 to 2 floors below). Kingdom worth is ignored. They do not need to be underground and can spawn in light. Golems require 1000 of an item to spawn. The items may be logs, stone, clay, dirt, bars, or ores. You need 1000 of a specific type. 500 basalt and 500 granite will not spawn golems. 1000 granite will spawn golems. Many players will stockpile stone and undesignate the stockpile as the easiest way to spawn Golems. They will spawn from a pile after roughly 4 days. Proximity of the items is not required.

Types of Golems Edit

  • Golems can spawn from soil, raw stone, raw ore, logs, blocks, bars and planks
  • Items convert into a golem and revert back into items on golem death

Dirt Golem Edit

Dirt golems are very weak and the most typically golem you will encounter, as early mining may cause one to rise.

Clay Golem Edit

Slightly stronger than dirt golem.

Stone Golem Edit

Spawn as the typical stone types. Basalt, Lapis Lazuli, Sandstone, Marble, Granite, Serpentine, Bauxite. It is unlikely to be any difference between them. Much stronger than dirt golems but still a rather weak enemy.

A Marble Golem's stats

Wood Golem Edit

Will spawn out of large groves with no stockpiles for the wood chopped in them. Probably about as strong as a Clay Golem

Metal Golem Edit

Strongest golem. Spawn from ores and bars

Golem Cores Edit

Golems now drop Golem cores required for the construction of automatons. The stronger the Golem, the better the core they may drop. It is estimated to be a 30-40% drop rate although this is subject to change. Currently Golem cores only effect starting hit points of automatons, but may effect beginning stats in the future. It is currently unknown how many hit points the quality a Golem Core gives.