Most of the keyboard controls in Gnomoria are editable from the main menu. Here is a list of the default controls:

Action Key
Pan up W
Pan left A
Pan down S
Pan right D
Decrease depth - or mouse wheel down
Increase depth + or mouse wheel up
Rotate right , (comma)
Rotate left . (period)
Zoom in Left Ctrl w/either + or mouse wheel up
Zoom out Left Ctrl w/either - or mouse wheel down
Toggle the HUD on and off Tab
Toggle the display's frames per second (FPS) F3
Save F4
Pause/unpause Spacebar
Rotate item R
Toggle between full and short walls F
Toggle between hidden cells and empty space E
Toggle show axles Q
Bookmark 1 Left Ctrl+1 to set, Shift+1 to move to location
Bookmark 2 Left Ctrl+2 to set, Shift+2 to move to location
Bookmark 3 Ctrl+3 / Shift+3
Bookmark 4 Ctrl+4 / Shift+4
Bookmark 5 Ctrl+5 / Shift+5
Bookmark 6 Ctrl+6 / Shift+6
Bookmark 7 Ctrl+7 / Shift+7
Bookmark 8 Ctrl+8 / Shift+8