All animals provide meat, hides, skulls and bones when butchered. Butchered goblins provide only meat and skulls, and ogres provide meat and ogre hides. Domesticated animals can also be raised in pastures for their milk, wool, and eggs.

Domesticated AnimalsEdit

Domesticated animals require a pasture to live in and a gnome with Animal Husbandry selected to take care of them and collect their products (milk, eggs, and wool). Currently, animals often appear 'exhausted'. This is purely cosmetic and does not effect the animal in any way.


  • A yak or an alpaca will eat approximately 1.4 straw per day.
  • An emu will consume approximately 1.4 seeds per day.


Additional yaks will be born if at least one male and one female are kept in the same pasture. Each night, every male yak will impregnate a single female within their pasture if one is available and not already expecting. Since the gestation period is twelve days, this means one male can keep twelve females pregnant, with a single birth occurring each day after an initial wait of twelve days. [1]

Alpaca and emu breeding is assumed to work the same way.


Domesticated Animals
Animal Size Gestation Produces Buy value Butchered for
Yak 12 12 days Yak milk 500; 400 from Agricultural Settlements 12 meat, 10 hide, 1 skull, 10 bones
Alpaca 8 12 days Wool 500; 400 from Agricultural Settlements 4 meat, 4 hide, 1 skull, 10 bones
Emu 9 12 days Egg 500; 400 from Agricultural Settlements 6 meat, 4 hide, 1 skull, 10 bones

Note: The above butchering values are at low skill levels. A high Butchery skill results in more items produced from each butchered animal.

Tame SpeciesEdit




Yak 001






Wild AnimalsEdit

Wild animals spawn at the map edge and can appear at any time, even in the first spring. They will try to avoid enemies (whether they are gnomes, invaders, or monsters) but will fight back if attacked or cornered. By default, all squads leave wild animals alone unless they are very close.

A good tactic for all wild animals is using ranged units (preferably crossbow or blunderbuss wielders) since they will keep avoiding your gnomes, even if they are in fact in range and being shot at. This will allow you to take them out without losses.

Animal Notes
Honey Badger
Monitor Lizard
Bear Bear hide produces stronger armor than other animal hides.